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Writing novels is my favorite art form.  The substance, the full scope...  I relish feeling unleashed to describe an entire world, or lay open the complex details of a single thought process without any regard for the number of paragraphs it takes to do so.  I love the intimacy of getting to know my characters, as they whisper (and sometimes scream) their stories to me, and being somehow a part as their journeys unfold page to page.

I am like a scribe, most of the time.  A navigator perhaps, directing the course as a tale weaves its way through my heart, my thoughts, my pen.  Rarely do I liken myself to the one in charge...  Stories, it seems, already exist somewhere  -swirling out there in the ether, just beyond.  My place as the writer is simply to listen, to be aware enough to tune in.  And then to have the strength and the willingness to translate & jot it all down.




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THE LOCKET, a novel by Marianne Puechl

"Mystical things happen every day; the key is to take notice..."

Sometimes the most intriguing mysteries are those waiting to be unlocked within our own hearts… 
Meet Abbey Taft, successful magazine editor, single mother, casual lover of both women and men. Days are spent with driven focus: juggling a demanding career, raising a four-year-old daughter, caring for an elderly mother with Alzheimer’s, befriending a wise and rather mystical nanny. Life progresses as planned, until an unforeseen and haunting experience sets Abbey to re-awakened explorations.

Past, present and future collide, sending Abbey reeling with new and jagged questions of her own identity, fragmented family ties, a foggy emptiness decades’ old, and the nearly forgotten potential that quietly beckons her forward.


Available digitally and in print.








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