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3rd grade drawing cropWhen I was in 3rd Grade, I drew a picture and wrote, “When I grow up, I want to be a children’s story writer.  I want to be it so people will remember me for a long time.”

As you can see on the graphic (right) the picture went through the flood with many of my other office things, in September 2004.  -Despite the discoloration, it still holds up!

As I’ve mentioned, writing is not so much what I do; it’s who I am.  It’s been integral since I was a child, probably since before I was born.

I’ve written stories for all ages:  young babies, toddlers, kids and teens.
Excerpts coming soon!



Also, with help from friends, as of March 2020 I've just updated a coloring book I created a few years ago... This is available courtesy of my company, Rainbow Wedding Network.  For more info about the coloring book, visit www.RainbowFamilySeries.com - enJOY!

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My Family Too!